On-going Research Projects

  • Smart Prostheses & Prostheses-Tissue Interfaces
    • Upper Limb Prosthesis Functional Capability Monitoring
    • Prosthesis-Tissue Pressure Monitoring
    • Skin Swelling Monitoring
    • Novel Dry Electrode Development
  • Driver Monitoring
    • Brain Computer Interfaces for In-vehicle Applications (Sponsored by Toyota Motors)
    • Commercial Driver’s Drowsiness Monitoring (previously sponsored by Honda Motors)
  • Wearable Sensors for Human Physiology Monitoring
    • Sleep Analysis using Wearable Sensors (Sponsored by CPH-NEW and ONR)
    • Continuous Blood Pressure Sensors
    • Team & Individual Performance measure (UConn REP 2020 Award)
  • Hearing Protector (Sponsored by Alpha Foundation, CT Biopipeline, and NIOSH)
    • Hearing Protector DSP Hardware Design
    • Speech Intelligibility

Past Research Projects

  • Digital Bear (UConn START funding)
    • Android App design for Delirium Patient Care